Our Approach


Our Style and Philosophy

At the core of our work are the concepts of collaborative partnership and optimum performance.

We work with international partners and clients to co-invent a bespoke range of coaching and development interventions, to ensure consistent, sustainable and measurable results which challenge pre-conceptions and accelerate value to the bottom line.

We do not posture and play the guru! What is important is to help individuals and teams identify natural and learned behaviours and adapt these appropriately in order to underpin organisational values and achieve goals.

We commit  to being flexible in our relationships to bring significant advantages to all concerned. Professional ethics and integrity are vital to us in all that we do. We want to enable you to achieve your dreams!

When training facilitators, Hanwell Consulting adopts a highly interactive style of facilitation, basing it on an approach which is fast, effective and fun, and involves principles from Accelerated Learning and Emotional Intelligence as well as the more traditional Kolb, and Honey and Mumford models. A key philosophy is to use and build on the latest learning methods using visioning and kinaesthetic tools, multiple intelligences, making the learning sensory and meaningful for each unique individual.

The performance solution coaching our style

Quality underpins our work

Hanwell Consulting uses the quality standards requested by clients, rather than imposing our own. Our team include an EQA trained assessor, one of the original accredited IIP advisors and national assessors and an assessor, verifier and external verifier for NQF and academic qualifications.

Our Ethics

We commit to the ethics of our professional associations which include;

  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • International Coach Federation
  • Institute of Directors
  • Institute of Engineering Technologies
  • Royal Society of Arts
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